Carpenter Document Consulting


Academic Editing

Developmental Editing Services

A developmental edit of your academic manuscript does far more than simply review grammar, spelling, and punctuation. While those key tasks are completed during any edit, your developmental edit also includes the following:

  • Cross checking of references to ensure all parenthetical citations are connected to a citation in your references list

  • Reviewing consistent usage of terminology and formatting to create a seamless document

  • Checking formatting to ensure your document conforms to school-, publisher-, or journal-specific style

  • Editing document for cohesion, clarity, and flow to improve readability


Editing projects are charged at an hourly rate. Charging by the hour most accurately reflects the amount of work the project requires, making it an equitable pay structure for both writer and editor.


Your school or publisher may require a letter that confirms that I have edited your manuscript. I’m happy to provide these letters upon completion of the project!

Additional Services

If you do not have the time for a developmental edit, you can request any of the following services, which are charged at the same hourly rate.


This service ensures that all citations are properly formatted per your style guide. In addition, I cross check all parenthetical citations with the references to confirm all sources are appropriately and consistently cited throughout the document.


This service includes a review of format requirements established by any style guide, your school, or your publisher. Adjustments will be made to ensure the document conforms to these detailed formatting guidelines.


This service develops a linked table of contents tied to the heading levels established in your manuscript. Page numbers will also be inserted throughout the document, conforming to any specific formatting requirements you may have.