September 2 2014

August recap

by Barbie in Company News

August marks the transition between summer school and fall semester, but our clients certainly kept us busy last month! We completed 16 editing projects, 9 of which were for new clients!

The last quarter of the year is typically our busiest, and we expect 2014 to be no exception. Keep those editing projects coming!

September 1 2014

A win for Twitter editors

by Barbie in In the News, Web Writing

On Saturday night, in the midst of college football kickoff weekend, ESPN posted this question on its Twitter feed:

Yikes. We quickly saved the image, knowing it wouldn’t last long. Within minutes, dozens of Twitter users noted the improper use of “it’s,” along with the unnecessary “following.”

ESPN quickly deleted the photo and added a new one:

Hopefully next week’s trivia question will go through a copy editor before being tweeted to millions of fans.

August 20 2014

The century mark

by Barbie in Company News, Editing

Last week, we completed our 100th editing project of the year! So far, we’ve completed a new editing project every 2.24 days in 2014. We’re already approaching the 110 mark now.

Will we exceed our record-setting 171 editing projects completed in 2013? We’re on a comparable pace, so it’s possible. Stay tuned — and keep those projects coming!

August 18 2014

Fall 2014 begins

by Barbie in Academia, Company News

Here in Kentucky, college students return to the classroom this week, launching the fall 2014 semester. Our summer workload was unexpectedly high, and we will continue to work with many of these clients through the fall. Last fall, we completed 54 editing projects for students at 7 schools.

Will fall 2014 exceed that number? We wouldn’t be surprised! We’re preparing for a busy fall and look forward to working with existing clients and gaining some new ones during the last quarter of 2014.

If you’re writing this semester, it’s never too early to reach out and line up your edit!

August 16 2014

Six years of editing

by Barbie in Company News

We have been so busy this month that we almost forgot that this August begins Carpenter Doc’s sixth year of editing! Over the last six years, the business has grown from editing a few theses and dissertations every semester for local graduate students to editing dozens of projects a month for clients across the U.S.

If the first month of our sixth year is any indication, Carpenter Doc will continue to grow! We have 12 projects completed or in work so far this month — with several more in our queue!

Now, back to that editing…

August 7 2014

Website updates

by Barbie in Company News

Check out our new and improved About page!

We’ll have more website updates soon. Stay tuned!

August 1 2014

July recap

by Barbie in Company News

When the blog is quiet, you know it’s because we’re too busy working! June kicked off a busy summer, and our workload did not slow down in July. Here are some monthly stats:

  • We completed 22 editing projects, including 13 journal manuscripts, 4 capstone projects, and 2 dissertations.
  • 20 of those 22 projects were with new clients.
August signals the start of the fall semester, which is typically our busiest time of year. We’re kicking the month off with a dissertation proposal edit, and we are sure there will be many more to follow. Now is the time to get that summer writing project in before school starts!
July 18 2014

More NBA talk, more errors

by Barbie in Uncategorized

Building on our earlier blog post about grammar issues in sports articles, we’ve found some more to share. Sadly, you don’t have to look very far on a particular sports website to find them.

July 16 2014

Grammar fails: Summer edition

Search #grammarfail on Twitter for a few laughs. We’ve found a few grammar fails of our own lately, some on the web and some in print. Enjoy!

Our personal favorite is “get’s.” A dissertation “editing” service (one that provides “custom dissertations,” whatever that means) surely impressed potential clients with this ad.

July 8 2014

A slam dunk … for bad grammar

by Barbie in Grammar, In the News

It seems many of today’s news websites are most concerned about getting their stories out before the competition. When speed is the goal, quality suffers. Rather than publishing rich, detailed pieces that use proper grammar and style, many of these websites toss anything up to score page views.

Here’s an example of a particularly bad article, marked up for your editing pleasure, written after the NBA draft last month. That last run-on sentence is a doozy.

Click the image to enlarge.