August 1 2014

July recap

by Barbie in Company News

When the blog is quiet, you know it’s because we’re too busy working! June kicked off a busy summer, and our workload did not slow down in July. Here are some monthly stats:

  • We completed 22 editing projects, including 13 journal manuscripts, 4 capstone projects, and 2 dissertations.
  • 20 of those 22 projects were with new clients.
August signals the start of the fall semester, which is typically our busiest time of year. We’re kicking the month off with a dissertation proposal edit, and we are sure there will be many more to follow. Now is the time to get that summer writing project in before school starts!
July 18 2014

More NBA talk, more errors

by Barbie in Uncategorized

Building on our earlier blog post about grammar issues in sports articles, we’ve found some more to share. Sadly, you don’t have to look very far on a particular sports website to find them.

July 16 2014

Grammar fails: Summer edition

Search #grammarfail on Twitter for a few laughs. We’ve found a few grammar fails of our own lately, some on the web and some in print. Enjoy!

Our personal favorite is “get’s.” A dissertation “editing” service (one that provides “custom dissertations,” whatever that means) surely impressed potential clients with this ad.

July 8 2014

A slam dunk … for bad grammar

by Barbie in Grammar, In the News

It seems many of today’s news websites are most concerned about getting their stories out before the competition. When speed is the goal, quality suffers. Rather than publishing rich, detailed pieces that use proper grammar and style, many of these websites toss anything up to score page views.

Here’s an example of a particularly bad article, marked up for your editing pleasure, written after the NBA draft last month. That last run-on sentence is a doozy.

Click the image to enlarge.


July 6 2014

A few updates…

by Barbie in Company News

Our schedule is booked through Friday, July 11. If you have contacted us with a project due by July 15, you’re on the calendar. We are tackling these projects in the order they are submitted. So, the earlier you submit your project, the more quickly it will be edited and returned.

We’re accepting projects for the week of July 13 and beyond. Summer projects are heating up, so now is the time to contact us to get on the calendar!

July 4 2014

Happy 4th!

by Barbie in Company News

Wishing a Happy Independence Day to our clients old and new!

Put down that laptop — at least for a few hours — and enjoy family, freedom, and food!

July 3 2014

A June for the record books

As we mentioned previously, our summer schedule is a bit different. While we might be working on different types of projects, what hasn’t changed is our workload. In fact, we’re busier than ever thanks to a record-breaking June.

In just 30 days, we accepted projects with 20 new editing clients. These doctoral students are at the start of their PhD journeys, so we look forward to working with them for semesters to come!

We’re taking on new clients this month, too. You could be our next one!

June 27 2014

Summer specials

by Barbie in Company News, Specials

Summer at Carpenter Doc is different. Rather than editing lengthy and time-consuming dissertations, we work through smaller projects — short manuscripts, conference proposals, resumes, and more. In the spirit of our summer season of editing, we’re offering a few specials through mid-August. Check them out!

Click the image to enlarge.

June 8 2014

Midweek break

by Barbie in Company News

We’ll be on the road and taking a short break on Tuesday, June 10. Email response times might be slower than usual on Tuesday. We’ll be back up and running by midday Wednesday. If you’ve already contacted Barbie regarding a project this week, don’t worry — you’re on the schedule! If you haven’t yet, we’re available for a few more projects this week.

June 2 2014

Surfing for errors

by Barbie in Editing, Web Writing

Whether we’re surfing the web for business — that is, researching for articles — or pleasure, we come across plenty of typos and errors. Check out what we’ve caught on the web recently.

Sentence 2: Scratch that apostrophe in "scientists."

More apostrophe trouble: The wrong form of "its" is used here.

Sentence 2: The wrong form of "complement" is used here.

What’s the bottom line? Whether you’re writing advertorial copy for a retail site, sharing business information with potential customers, or composing articles for web-based magazines, your web content needs to be edited thoroughly and accurately.