May 2 2015

Helpful guidance for dissertation writers

by Barbie in Academia

Writing your dissertation can be an overwhelming process, from selecting your committee members and drafting your proposal to defending your work and making final revisions. Investing years of your life into the dissertation-writing process — not to mention having your degree hanging in the balance — certainly creates significant stress.

While your school might have the resources in place to help you with your writing and research, where should you turn for additional support? How do you cope with the emotional, interpersonal, and even spiritual struggles that writing a dissertation may present?

In the forthcoming Challenges in Writing Your Dissertation: Coping With the Emotional, Interpersonal, and Spiritual Struggles (Rowman & Littlefield Education, September 2015), Noelle Sterne, Ph.D., tackles these often overlooked but vitally important struggles that doctoral candidates face. She taps into her wealth of experience in coaching graduate students and offers real-life examples that students can certainly relate to. From resetting your life and prioritizing your dissertation to preparing your loved ones for this challenging process, Sterne offers valuable advice far beyond what your committee members may offer.

Supplementing your dissertation-writing experience with this book, along with guidance from your committee and your editor, can help you stay focused and excel during this challenging process.

April 28 2015

A busy spring

by Barbie in Academia, Company News

Another semester is winding down, and Spring 2015 certainly kept us busy. We tackled 70 editing projects this semester, working with students from more than a dozen schools across the country. Our projects were varied, ranging from dissertation proposals and journal manuscripts to capstone projects and post-defense dissertation revisions.

Several long-term clients will be graduating this semester, and while we’re sad to end our editor-writer collaboration (for now…), we’re happy that they have successfully submitted that final draft of their dissertation. Many other clients are just beginning the writing and research process, and we look forward to continuing to work with them for semesters to come!

What’s Next?

As a busy spring ends, we’re now focusing on filling our summer schedule with more editing projects. If you’re drafting a dissertation proposal, taking summer classes, or trying to get published, we’re here to help! Summer is a great time to get on our schedule, as we typically face a lighter load and, as a result, can offer quicker turnaround times!

March 26 2015

Graduating this spring?

by Barbie in Company News

It’s hard to believe that the end of the spring semester is mere weeks away! If you’re graduating this spring, you’re running out of time to get your thesis, dissertation, or capstone project professionally edited before final submission.

Our April calendar is nearly full. We are currently accepting projects with deadlines after April 20th!

Contact Barbie today!

March 4 2015

Happy Grammar Day!

by Barbie in Grammar

It’s National Grammar Day! We’re celebrating by editing a dissertation. How about you?

In honor of this occasion, we’re sharing some of our most popular blog posts. Check out some of our favorite writing tips along with some major grammar fails that we’ve found over the years.

Here’s to a grammatically perfect day!

February 16 2015

Snowy day resources

by Barbie in Academia

If you’re caught in the mid-south snowstorm Octavia like we are, you’re probably looking for things to keep you occupied while you hunker down. Lucky for us, this week’s schedule is filled with capstone projects and dissertations, keeping us busy as the snow falls. Here are some great resources that can help you as you write your academic manuscripts, theses, and dissertations. If you’re enjoying a snow day, check them out!

Happy reading — and stay warm!

January 16 2015

Accepting spring projects

by Barbie in Academia, Company News, Editing

We’re filling our schedule with dissertation and capstone project edits through the end of February. We’re open to new projects, so get yours in today! Here are some ways we can help you excel this semester.

Spring Ad Copy

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January 6 2015

Citing multiple authors

by Barbie in APA Style

Nearly every project we edit requires some tweaking of parenthetical citations. Too many or too few authors are listed, punctuation is missing, or “et al.” is incorrectly used. Here’s a handy infographic that helps explain how to cite authors parenthetically using APA 6th edition.

Remember, with every edit, we check parenthetical citations and cross-check them against your reference list.

APA in-text


Click the infographic to enlarge.

January 1 2015

Happy New Year!

by Barbie in Company News

New Year

December 31 2014

2014 by the numbers

by Barbie in Company News

We’ve already shared the details about our record-breaking year. Here’s a quick infographic full of fun facts about our 2014 projects, clients, and more!


December 29 2014


by Barbie in Company News

We’re excited to share that 2014 was a record-breaking year at Carpenter Doc. We completed more projects than ever before: 180! We started a new project roughly every 2 days this year. With most projects ranging from 50 to 250 pages, we edited tens of thousands of pages in 2014 alone.

Here’s a recap of our record-breaking year.

The Schools

We worked with students from 23 schools, collaborating on those students’ capstone projects, dissertations, and other academic manuscripts. Our client base spanned from the University of Buffalo to the University of Miami and everywhere in between.

We continued our long-standing relationship with students at Barry University, Nova Southeastern University, and Florida International University. We held onto our Orlando roots, working with students and professors from UCF. We established new partnerships with local students, editing projects for students and professors at the University of Kentucky and Morehead State University.

The list doesn’t stop there! Carpenter Doc also took on editing projects from students at Frontier Nursing University, Keiser University, the University of Phoenix, Piedmont College, Concordia University, the University of Louisiana-Monroe, Capella University, and more!

The Projects

Academic projects have always been Carpenter Doc’s focus, and 2014 was no exception. Our 2014 project load included 56 dissertations, 40 academic manuscripts, and 30 capstone projects!

The remaining projects were diverse, including everything from books and poster presentations to continuing education courses for online schools and conference programs for national organizations.

The Clients

Almost half (86) of our 180 projects this year were with new clients. Our existing client base again helped to support the continued growth of Carpenter Doc; many of these new clients were referred to us by existing clients. So, to our entire — and ever-growing — client base, thank you!

Here’s to another successful year ahead. We’re accepting new projects for 2015 today.