April 14 2014

APA tip: In-text citations

by Barbie in APA Style

When you refer to authors within the body of your paper, you place only the year in parenthesis. Many of our clients add a comma after the closed parenthesis, but that is not always necessary. APA does not recommend using this comma, unless the structure of the sentence calls for a comma there. Here are some examples:

Standard APA format

  • Peterson and Williams (2009) explain that some individuals use a comma too frequently.

Sentence structure where a comma is warranted

  • According to Johnson and Miller (2013), students use commas after introductory phrases.
April 4 2014

Two phrases to eliminate from your writing

by Barbie in Writing

Concision is an important part of writing. It enhances your document’s readability, allowing you to make your message clear. Two phrases that we often strike from documents, especially academic papers, are “There are” and “It is.” In many cases, these phrases are not necessary and make a simple sentence more complex.

Here are some examples.

There are studies that show that concision can help improve students’ writing.

Revision: Studies show that concision can help improve students’ writing.

It is reported by Jones et al. that students use these phrases too frequently.

Revision: Jones et al. reported that students use these phrases too frequently. 

You want every word in your sentence to count. These filler words add nothing but complexity to a sentence that can be simplified. When you remove them, you create an active sentence that is easier for your readers to understand.

April 2 2014

Grammar lessons at the zoo

by Barbie in Around Town

Our recent trip to the zoo for some animal spotting led to some unexpected editing as well. Scattered throughout the zoo were paintings of animals with signs that offered a few quick facts on each animal. Unfortunately, those signs didn’t go through an editor. Check out what we caught at the zoo.

Comma splice: The comma in between independent clauses should be a semicolon.

Use "that" instead of "who" for animals, and we'd prefer that the clause is made restrictive by removing the comma.

Saber-tooth (or even the alternative Sabre-tooth) describes the tiger. Plus, the ellipses at the end seems unnecessary.


This sign calls for a comma between the two independent clauses.

We never considered marketing our services to zoos, but perhaps it’s time!

March 26 2014

Grammar madness in March

by Barbie in Grammar, In the News

March Madness is in full swing, resulting in what feels like around-the-clock coverage of college hoops. As a result, articles are appearing across the web at a record pace, which often results in fast writing and seemingly nonexistent proofreading. Here’s an example we found on NBCSports.com. We’d prefer an obvious typo—such as transposed or missing letters—to this obvious misspelling. Check out that headline about Rick Pitino.

This Louisville headline leaves us peeved.

March 6 2014

Spring update

by Barbie in Company News

The blog has been quiet, but our project load has been anything but. This year, we have already worked with several new clients on dissertation proposals and dissertations, from schools as far south as Miami and as far north as Kentucky. We have been writing dozens of articles for well-known websites and establishing relationships with new writing clients. We’ve transcribed interviews, and we’re excited to launch a new long-term project with a continuing education school, editing their web-based courseware. In short, business is in full bloom at Carpenter Doc.

March, April, and May are historically some of our busiest months. We are filling up our calendar deep into April. Your project doesn’t have to be ready to get on our calendar, so now is the time to contact us for any spring-semester work!

January 24 2014

A busy start to 2014

by Barbie in Company News

Although January is typically one of our slowest months, with many of our academic clients just returning to campus, we have kept busy this month! In January, we collaborated with several new clients on projects that included dissertation proposals and dissertations, journal manuscripts, books, and interview transcriptions. With 2014 off to such a busy start, we are sure that this year is going to keep us busy!


January 1 2014

Hello, 2014!

by Barbie in Company News

Happy New Year from the writing and editing team at Carpenter Doc! We’re ready for a new year working with existing clients as well as the exciting opportunities that will develop from new business relationships. If you need a writer or editor this year, we’re here for you!

December 31 2013

2013: The Numbers

by Barbie in Company News

Today, we’re breaking down 2013 by the numbers. Long story short, this year was our most successful one yet!

  • Editing projects: 170 (a nearly 30% increase from our 2012 project load)
  • Schools: 13, including 5 Florida schools (Barry University, UCF, FIU, FAU, and Nova) as well as schools from across the country, including Harvard Continuing Education, University of Utah, and Eastern Kentucky University
  • Writing projects: More than 750 articles written, including 204 for Demand Media Studios partners and 565 for private clients at Constant Content
  • Words: With those writing projects averaging 400-500 words per article, we wrote more than 337,000 words this year!

Thanks to all of our clients who helped us make 2013 our best year yet. See you in 2014!

December 30 2013

2013: The Details

by Barbie in Company News

As we reflect on 2013, we are excited by the breadth of our work. While we work with many DNP students at Barry University, our client base far exceeds this program. Here’s a look at some details of our writing and editing projects in 2013:

  • Academic disciplines: We edited academic papers in nursing, business, theology, sustainability, American sign language, and education this year.
  • Nationwide client base: We edited projects for clients local to us here in Kentucky, in our original base in Florida, and as far reaching as Utah and Texas.
  • Journals: We worked with teams of professors writing articles for journals such as The Journal of Business Venturing and the Academy of Management Journal.
  • Busiest quarter: Fourth quarter (fall semester) with 55+ editing projects. The first quarter (spring semester) was not far behind with 47 projects.
  • Slowest quarter: Third quarter — summer is the perfect time to get on our schedule!
  • Not just dissertations: We also edited cover letters, resumes/CVs, poster presentations, business marketing materials, continuing education online courseware, and promotion and tenure documents for academic faculty.
  • We write, too. We continued to develop existing relationships with long-term clients and discovered some new opportunities as well. In addition to writing a great deal of retail content for many well-known websites, we contributed to The Bump, GlobalPost Parenting, ModernMom Parenting, and LIVESTRONG.com.

Come back tomorrow as we break down the numbers and look at our project load for 2013.




December 23 2013

Happy holidays!

by Barbie in Company News

Our busiest semester yet, fall 2013, is behind us, and our academic clients are enjoying a well-deserved break for the holidays. Here at Carpenter Doc, we’re taking a break for the rest of the year as well. If you’re still writing, feel free to contact us via email over the holiday break. Although response time might be slower than usual, we’ll get back to you to discuss any 2014 projects.

We wish our clients and readers a happy holiday season!

P.S.: Stop by the blog later this week for our 2013 breakdown. Here’s a preview: 2013 was our most successful year yet!