Why should I hire an editor?

Working with an editor is a collaborative learning experience, allowing you to understand the strengths and weaknesses in your writing. We do not rewrite your paper for you. Instead, we track every change that we make so that you can learn. In addition, we leave detailed comments and suggestions, allowing you to revise your document effectively. We strive for a positive experience for the writer, offering helpful feedback and thoughtful comments about your work. Hiring an editor is not a sign of writing weakness. Even the best writers need editors.

How will you edit my document?

When possible, we edit documents in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format. For those documents, we will use Word’s reviewing features (Track Changes/Insert Comments) to edit your document, and we will return it to you with our changes and comments included.

However, if you prefer to have your documents edited in another format, we can accommodate that as well.

Are you available to meet with me to discuss my document?

Carpenter Document Consulting offers electronic editing and consulting services to our clients, meaning that face-to-face meetings are rarely necessary. However, we are always available to discuss any questions or concerns over the phone, via e-mail, and for our local clients, in person.

How much time do you need to edit my document?

Carpenter Document Consulting prides itself in efficient, thorough editing and consulting, meaning we can typically return your document to you in one week or less. Although turnaround times vary depending on the length of the document and services requested, we are dedicated to helping you meet your deadline.

We can often accommodate tight deadlines as well. For more information on rush edit charges, simply contact us.

When and how do I pay for the service?

When you receive your final edited document, you’ll also receive a detailed invoice via e-mail for the project. We will then send you a PayPal invoice, due upon receipt, which allows you to pay through your bank account or with a credit card.

I have a document that isn’t listed on your site. Can you edit it?

Of course! Our list of frequently edited documents isn’t comprehensive. In short, if you write it, we can edit it.

How do I get a quote?

Go to the Contact page, and fill out the form. Once we receive your inquiry, we’ll review it and provide you with a quote within 24 hours—again, via e-mail. If you are happy with the quote, we’ll start working on your document right away.

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