September 3 2012

Writer, Compose Yourself!

by Barbie in Writing

If you write for a living, you might feel like you live a solitary lifestyle. However, networking with fellow writers can inspire your creativity, encourage you to move forward with your work, and even give you helpful writing tips. That’s the idea behind Writer, Compose Yourself!, a new venture that I am excited to be a part of. Want to know what Writer, Compose Yourself! is all about? Here’s a good summary from the site’s founder, Heather Craik:

Writer, Compose Yourself! has a whole bunch of useful components: articles, multiple writers, forums. However, that isn’t the main point behind it. It’s really about supporting you while you knuckle down and finish that story. You know the one. The one you’re writing for yourself, that lurks in the back of your mind, making little sniffly noises whenever you work on something else instead of it. The one that grips you, can make you cry when you have to write the death of a favorite character, can make you euphoric when it’s going really well, and can leave you staring blankly at the page trying to put the next part into words.

That one.

WCY is my answer to the blocks and barriers we all come across when we’re writing ‘The One’. Especially if it’s our first. When we’re nervous, uncertain, have moments of fumbling around in the dark groping for words, and really just need someone to talk to and make sure we’re “doing it right”!

Are you motivated to write yet? Join me and five other contributors, as we share our knowledge, discuss writing, and connect in this interactive community. Each contributor comes from a unique background. While I’m the resident editor on staff, you can also read insightful articles from published authors from a variety of backgrounds. If you’re interested in joining WCY, learn more about the benefits of membership and sign up today!

Hope to see you over there soon! Connecting with other writers and gaining helpful advice from expert contributors can be the first step in finishing your work.