January 29 2013

Why electronic editing works

by Barbie in Editing

We regularly field emails from potential clients curious about how our editing process works. How can we effectively improve the document without ever meeting in person — and often not even talking on the phone? Thanks to today’s technology, we can edit a long-distance client’s project just as easily as a local one.

Here are some of the features of our electronic editing process:

  • Every edit is tracked. Thanks to Word’s reviewing tools, including Track Changes, you have the opportunity to see every change we make. You can accept or reject them individually or as a group. We are not changing anything in your document without you knowing it.
  • Collaboration is essential. Word also allows for easy collaboration between writer and editor. We consider this collaboration crucial to the editing process. You will find comments throughout your document with suggested changes, questions about content, and more. You, as the writer, are the subject matter expert. We defer to you in many situations, working with you to improve a sentence or paragraph rather than correcting it for you. We want to improve your writing, not replace your writing with ours.
  • Communication is constant. Thanks to email, we stay in touch with you throughout the editing process. We confirm receipt of your document within hours — if not minutes. We provide an estimated turnaround time when we receive your document. Should questions arise during the edit, we send them to you via email. We answer any questions about the edit and provide minor fixes at no charge as you revise. In short, we’re committed to helping you improve your document, and we know that an accessible, communicative editor is essential to make this possible.

The electronic editing process is ideal for today’s busy lives. You can submit your project via email and communicate with us when it fits into your schedule. We confidently state that the electronic editing process encourages collaboration rather than inhibiting it. Give it a try!