June 29 2012

Editing projects: What to expect

by Barbie in Editing

For many of our clients, their collaboration with Carpenter Doc is their first experience working with an editor. First-time clients often have similar questions about the editorial process. This blog post will demystify the editing and revision process, giving you a sense of what to expect when you submit a project to be edited.

A typical Carpenter Doc project

Expect Revisions

Working with an editor is a collaborative experience. Do not expect to receive a clean document back from us. In fact, your document is going to be full of tracked changes and comments for you to address. Don’t get overwhelmed. We offer a helpful guide to revising your work, and we’re available for questions and multiple rounds of revisions when necessary. Revisions do not mean you’re a bad writer or your document is poor. Every writer has revisions. Highlighting inconsistencies, grammatical flaws, and awkward sentence structures is why you hired us, after all.

Be the Subject Matter Expert

Many projects we edit feature highly technical material, material that we often don’t know much about. Embrace your role as the subject matter expert. Remember that we do not make substantial content changes because we do not want to risk changing the meaning of your content. In the comments, you will often see suggested revisions. Consider these suggestions with the accuracy of the content in mind.

Build in Revision Time

As noted above, you aren’t going to receive a clean, ready-to-publish document back from us. We recommend building in at least two days of revisions into your schedule. So, if you need to move your deadline up as a result, please let us know; we’re usually able to accommodate even tight deadlines.


Please bring any concerns about your project to Barbie’s attention immediately. Do you have a question about a comment, or do you want a quick review of a revised sentence? We can provide that quickly and at no additional charge. We also offer final formatting, such as updating the frontmatter and page numbers, free of charge — just send us your final document! Remember, we’re here to help you improve your document and meet your deadline, but we cannot do that without open lines of communication. Barbie is always available via email, usually responding within the hour, so do not hesitate to contact Carpenter Doc with any questions or concerns!