October 19 2012

What I Write

by Barbie in Writing

In honor of National Day on Writing, today’s blog post is dedicated to just that subject. Writing is an important part of my career, and while it might not seem like it’s an integral part of yours, chances are you write every day. You might compose an email to a friend, coworker, manager, or spouse. You might write a quick note to your kids to stick in their lunchbox. You might draft a letter to an organization praising its services, issuing a complaint, or asking for aid. Writing is the most important skill students can learn, which is why the National Council of Teachers of English established October 19 as the National Day on Writing.

Think you’re not a writer? Think again. What have you written this week? Here’s just a sampling of the items we’ve composed:

  • Emails to clients, friends, and family members
  • Dozens of product descriptions for retail websites
  • Pitches for potential articles
  • Comments in a dissertation helping guide the writer in her revision
  • Facebook posts on Carpenter Doc’s Facebook page
  • Blog posts for this blog and other client sites
  • …and many more!

Everyone is a writer. We all just write differently. Some write to earn a living; others write to communicate with long-distance friends and family members. Still others write because their teachers or professors asked them to. No matter your reason for writing, embrace it, and enjoy it. Happy National Day on Writing!

If you want to share your thoughts on writing today, use the hashtag #WhatIWrite on your favorite social networking site!