June 6 2010

Editors help with website text

by Barbie in Editing

If you’re developing a website for business or personal use, your focus is probably on the design and interactivity of the site. Often, businesses and individuals spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars having a web designer develop their site and overlook the importance of effective, grammatically correct text on the site.

At Carpenter Doc, we work with business owners and students to help polish their website text. Using active language and straightforward, grammatically correct text offers a professional look for your website. Conversely, sloppy, error-laden text reduces your credibility and the effectiveness of your website. If you’re going to spend money making sure the website is aesthetically pleasing, shouldn’t you take the time to make sure your text is just as strong?

Since website text is typically direct and brief, editing a site is a quick and easy task for us, making it inexpensive for you. Here are some things we can check for:

  • Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Consistent use of formatting styles (e.g., heading levels) and terminology
  • Active, engaging text
  • Effective website structure

So, if you’re working on a website, let us edit the text for you. Contact us today!