March 30 2010

Four ways to write effective web text

by Barbie in Writing

Nowadays, everyone has a presence on the World Wide Web, whether it’s through social networking sites, personal or professional blogs, or business websites. As a result, writing for the web has never been more popular, and we often edit text written specifically for this online medium.

Writing for the web is unique. Web writing gives you more flexibility and freedom to be creative. Here are four ways to write effective web text:

1) Be conversational.

Forget the formality of more traditional writing styles. While you want to remain professional with your readers—especially if you’re trying to sell them a product or service—you should engage them with conversational language.

2) Keep it brief.

The advantage of writing on the web is that you can incorporate images—and even videos—into your site. Mix important text with more visual elements to draw your readers in. A text-heavy webpage without any accompanying visual elements will deter visitors from reading what you have to offer. Conversely, concise text with a visually appealing design will attract visitors to your site.

3) Use bullets.

Bulleted lists are perfect for the web. Readers want straightforward information, and they don’t want to have to read a lengthy paragraph to find it. Group related information in easy-to-read bulleted lists.

4) Use headings.

Chances are your audience isn’t going to read every word on your site—or visit every page. It’s more likely that your visitors are seeking specific information. With that in mind, include reader-friendly headings that help them navigate through your site and find the information they need. If your visitors can find information with ease, they’re more likely to return to your site, buy your product, or use your service.