May 28 2012

Web research: Maximizing your search results

by Barbie in Research

Researching has become much easier for today’s students, as an infinite amount of information is now just a click away. However, the Internet also features a great deal of inaccurate information from less-than-reputable sources. How do you distinguish between quality web sources and illegitimate ones? Here are a few tips.

  • Narrow your search results to focus on reputable websites. You can search within a specific type of website, such as .edu, which are often the most reputable sites out there. In your search bar, type the search term followed by or This will narrow the search results to websites within this domain.
  • Visit online libraries and databases. Often, the best sources on the web are ones that originated in hard-copy form. There are countless databases where you can search academic literature and journal articles, allowing you to discover reputable, published studies on the web. Your school library’s website is a smart place to start your search.
  • Try Google Scholar. You can search scholarly literature across disciplines in one quick search.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our web research series tomorrow!