June 18 2013

Updating your resume in three steps

by Barbie in Resume

Keeping your resume fresh is important, whether you’re happily settled in your job or considering a move. Fortunately, every resume update doesn’t require a complete overhaul. When you tweak your resume regularly, you can be confident that it will be ready to submit when that dream job appears.

Follow these three steps to keep your resume fresh:

  1. Add new milestones as they occur. Did you land a high-profile client at work? Make a record-breaking sale? Earn a promotion? Update your resume when these milestones occur, thereby ensuring that you include accurate, detailed information when it’s fresh in your mind.
  2. Reevaluate your resume content every few months. Is your first job as a restaurant server relevant now that you have a decade of professional experience in your field? Nix information that isn’t relevant to your career path.
  3. Reconsider the format of your resume. A chronological resume might have been best when you were fresh out of school with limited experience. When you’ve accrued more experience, a functional resume might better showcase your skills and qualifications.