May 20 2010

Turnaround time at Carpenter Doc

by Barbie in Company News

New clients often ask, “How long will it take you to edit my document?”

Although the answer varies depending on our workload, we can assure you that we’ll return your edited document in seven days or less. Needless to say, the longer the document and more intensive the edit, the longer the turnaround time. While we can often turn around short documents in 24 hours, we cannot guarantee a 24-hour turnaround on longer documents like research papers and dissertations.

We realize that your document must meet a deadline (and often a tight deadline if you’re a student), so we’ll work with your schedule. As we tell all of our clients, the earlier you can send us your document, the better. If you’re working on a multi-chapter document, consider sending us your chapters as you complete them, which will expedite the editing process.

So, while it is unrealistic to ask for a thorough, comprehensive edit for a lengthy document in 24 hours, we’re committed to helping you meet your deadline. But, please keep in mind that comprehensive editing is an intensive process, and we’re not willing to sacrifice the quality of the edit for speed. We simply would not be comfortable putting our seal of approval on a document (and charging you for the work) if we don’t have time to thoroughly edit it.