August 17 2010

The trouble with news tickers

by Barbie in Grammar

Carpenter Doc wrapped up our summer travels last week, culminating in a one-night stay in Chattanooga, Tennessee (one of my old stomping grounds) to break up the 12-hour drive from Florida. When we got to our hotel, we flipped on the local news to find a news ticker in serious need of an editor.

We couldn’t capture every error on the ticker, but we did snap photos of a few of the most glaring mistakes, which you can check out on our Facebook page.

As you can see from the pictures, the news station employee who was responsible for the ticker clearly had no regard for basic grammar rules. Has the 24-hour news cycle diminished our adherence to proper grammar, punctuation and spelling? Perhaps. Media outlets compete to break the story, so they might be more focused on getting the story out first, not getting the story out correctly. In the end, poor grammar diminishes a news organization’s credibility and indicates sloppy work.

If you watch that scrolling ticker long enough, you’ll surely find some grammatical errors as well.