June 6 2011

The trouble with advertisements

by Barbie in Business Writing

Lately, we’ve noticed some poorly written newspaper and magazine advertisements that pose as articles. So, you start reading the “article,” only to realize halfway through that you’re actually reading an advertisement for a product or service. The ads that we’ve come across have been so ridden with grammatical and typographical errors that they are downright laughable. We couldn’t help but bring out our pink pen for these disasters.

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Do these ads posing as articles hurt the reputation of the publication? After all, some people might read through the “article” only to realize that it’s promoting a product or service at the very end. Because it’s written in a journalistic style rather than featured as an outright advertisement, readers might associate these horribly written ads with the publication. Granted, it doesn’t exactly give the business much legitimacy either, but the publication might end up being judged based on the quality — or lack thereof — of its advertisements.