December 16 2010

Thanks for a successful year!

by Barbie in Company News

Carpenter Doc officially launched in August 2008. Two short years later, we’re enjoying our most successful and productive year yet. We owe a special thank you to our many clients who have referred us to classmates, friends, coworkers, and family members.
In 2010, Carpenter Doc tackled the following editing projects:

  • 35 doctoral dissertations in subjects like nursing, education, and English for students from the University of Central Florida, Barry University, Nova Southeastern University, and more
  • Dozens of academic papers for students from a range of backgrounds
  • Dozens of published articles for academic journals and magazines
  • 10 resume/cover letter edits for students applying for graduate school or professionals looking for a new job
  • 5 reviews of promotion and tenure portfolios for academic faculty
  • 4 grant proposals for professors and even a local museum
  • 2 business websites
  • 1 young adult novel

As you can see, we expanded our editing reach this year, and we enjoyed taking on new challenges. No matter what you’re writing in 2011, we’re looking forward to editing it.

Happy holidays!