August 20 2012

Summer wrap-up

by Barbie in Company News

It’s hard to believe summer is winding down, but students from across the country will be returning to campuses as early as today! The summer is typically our slowest time of the year, as many of our graduate student clients take time off or are busy conducting their thesis or dissertation research rather than writing. Summer 2012, however, was busier than ever here at Carpenter Doc.

Here are some facts and figures about what we’ve been working on this summer:

  • Projects: Dissertation proposals, dissertations, academic papers, journal manuscripts, tenure materials, CVs, medical case reports, and conference papers
  • Clients: Graduate students from schools across the country, professors, and healthcare professionals
  • Numbers: 35 projects since mid-June (and counting…)

We’re looking forward to more projects this fall. We’ll be working with many of our summer clients throughout the rest of the year as their dissertation proposals become full dissertations. Since we anticipate another busy semester, we encourage potential clients to contact us now about working with us this fall. Even if you don’t have a project to submit just yet, we’ll put you on the calendar so that we’re prepared for you when you need us!

Good luck to our academic clients returning to campus this week!