May 17 2011

Summer scheduling

by Barbie in Company News

First, we’d like to congratulate the many clients we worked with this semester who graduated with their Master’s or Ph.D.!

Now that the spring semester has closed, the team here at Carpenter Doc has some openings for summer projects! If you’re looking for a new job and need resume or cover letter help or if you’re taking classes this summer and need help with your papers, contact us! We’re ready to help.

In June and July, we will be taking some time off to welcome the Carpenter Doc baby to the family. However, I will still be checking e-mail regularly and completing projects as time permits, but my response time will be a bit slower. If you anticipate needing us for any projects around that time, please contact Barbie now so that we can prepare for your project in advance and get it on the calendar.

Thank you!