August 7 2012

Style sheets establish consistency

by Barbie in Editing

What happens behind the scenes at Carpenter Doc when we’re editing your document? You know we’re reading — and re-reading — sentences, offering line-by-line changes as well as including global comments. But, we’re also developing a style sheet for your document. Here’s an example of an in-progress style sheet for a dissertation:

A style sheet helps us keep everything consistent in your document. Are terms spelled, capitalized, and hyphenated consistently and correctly throughout the document? In lengthy projects, such as dissertations, style sheets are especially important, as they help manage the many style issues that are bound to appear.

Here’s a rundown of just a few of the items we include in a style sheet:

  • Use of references
  • Capitalization, spelling, and punctuation of terms
  • Use of numerals and symbols
  • Unique formatting

By tracking the style specific to your project — items that go beyond your traditional style guide — we ensure consistency throughout your document. The style sheet is a handy tool that we refer to throughout the editing process, and it’s also useful during revisions.