June 17 2010

APA Style changes in 2010

by Barbie in Style

Long-time users of APA Style noticed a few significant changes in the sixth edition, which was released earlier this year. These changes create a bit of confusion for many of our clients, who may have started writing their dissertations following the fifth edition but now have to consider implementing sixth-edition changes before they defend and graduate.

In particular, two changes will impact every document you write:

Heading levels.

APA’s sixth edition standardized heading levels, which was a relief to writers and editors alike. Rather than using different heading styles depending on the number of headings in a paper, APA now calls for writers to use standard heading levels whether they have two or five levels in their document. The APA Style Blog does a good job of explaining these new heading standards here.

Spaces between sentences.

APA has returned to two spaces between sentences in its sixth edition. APA explained that this change eases reader comprehension, making text easier to follow.

So, if you’re starting a new document using APA Style, keep these updates in mind. As always, we can help you with any style questions, so don’t hesitate to contact us!