April 16 2010

Services for grad students

by Barbie in Company News

A large portion of our business (and one that we greatly enjoy) is working with graduate students on their theses and dissertations. Often, we receive inquiries from students who want to know what we can do for them. Here are just some of the services we offer for graduate students:

  • Comprehensive edit of your thesis/dissertation, which includes verifying that your document meets your style guidelines
  • Format of your thesis/dissertation based on university standards
  • Comprehensive edit of your defense proposal
  • Comprehensive edit of your defense presentation, offering tips on design as well as content

Grad students often feel rushed as they approach their defense deadline, which can leave little time for editing. Let us work with you from the beginning of your writing process, and we can edit your chapters as you finish them. Not only does this schedule allow you ample time for revision—it also improves your writing, allowing us to pinpoint common errors early in the writing process, saving you revision time.

So, whether you’re defending in a few weeks or a few months, contact us about how we can help. Professors at the University of Central Florida and Barry University encourage their students to use our service, which shows just how beneficial it can be!