September 29 2011

Revising in Word

by Barbie in Revising, Writing

You send us a clean copy of your document … but you don’t get one in return. Don’t let the comments and red marks intimidate you. Word’s reviewing tools help keep track of every change, allowing you to learn about your common grammatical errors and, every now and then, override our changes.

Here’s how to approach revising that edited document:

Scan through the tracked changes within the text of the document. Typically, these are minor, easily fixable errors, such as misplaced or missing punctuation, misspelled words, incorrect style, or poor word choice. You can accept or reject changes as a whole or individually. Here’s how:

  1. Select the Review tab in Word.
  2. Select the “Accept” or “Reject” button on the Changes tab.
  3. Choose “Accept or Reject and Move to Next” to address changes individually.
  4. Choose “Accept All Changes in Document” to make wholesale changes.

You’ll immediately have a cleaner document once you eliminate those tracked changes. Next, tackle the comments. Comments are items that we did not fix for you because a) we need more information to do so, b) we have suggestions for how to revise, or c) they pertain to content, which requires your input. If you can address the comment without our help, make the change in the text. Then, right-click the comment and select “Delete Comment.” If, on the other hand, you need our help, you can type a response in the comment box and send the document back to us.

When all of your tracked changes are accepted and comments are addressed and deleted, you’ll be left with that clean copy that you sent us.