September 30 2009

Three ways to improve your resume

by Barbie in Resume, Writing

In today’s competitive job market, having a strong resume is more important than ever. Here are three easy ways to make your resume more marketable to potential employers:

3) Choose your verbs wisely.

The use of strong action verbs offers potential employers an instant understanding of your skills. Verbs like managed, designed, wrote, and created vividly illustrate your job tasks and allow potential employers to envision your past tasks and how those tasks fit within their organization.

2) Add numbers.

Figures help quantify your accomplishments. Read through your resume, and circle any job task that can be quantified. If you managed multiple accounts to boost sales, specify how many accounts you managed and how sales improved.

3) Maximize white space.

Ensure that your resume offers a good balance between text and white space. Use bulleted lists, headings, or bold text to draw the reader’s eye to important items, and avoid paragraph-style blocks of text.