April 28 2014

References: Why cross-checking is important

by Barbie in APA Style, MLA Style

Your reference list validates your document. It supports your argument, identifying studies that back your claims or revealing gaps in literature that illustrate the importance of your research. As a result, you want to ensure that your references list — and in-text citations — are error free. Errors go beyond simple APA or MLA mistakes such as missing punctuation or incorrectly italicized words. Mistakes can also develop when your in-text citations and reference list citations do not match.

When we edit your document, here’s how we ensure that your citations are consistent:

  • Cross-check spelling of authors’ names in in-text citations and reference list citations.
  • Cross-check publication years in in-text citations and reference list citations.
  • Ensure that all sources mentioned within the body of the document have a proper citation within the references.
  • Ensure that “et al.” is appropriately used in in-text citations.
You might collect sources for months, even years, as you prep for your thesis or dissertation. We can make sure that any citation errors are caught before you submit that final paper.