October 1 2010

Three proposal writing tips

by Barbie in Writing

Carpenter Doc has been editing more proposals lately, and this is a subject we haven’t touched on yet in the blog. Today, let’s discuss ways to write a convincing proposal.

Know your audience.

Identify your audience’s knowledge level. If you’re writing a conference proposal addressed to leading scholars in your field, don’t waste time explaining basic concepts to them. Instead, jump right in and discuss why your paper or study is relevant to the field. Focus on your findings or the impact your study will have on future research.


Show that you’ve done your homework. If you’re writing a grant application for a museum exhibit, look at how successful the past grant recipients’ exhibits have been. If you think your exhibit can draw more visitors or have a larger impact on the community than past recipients, state that. Explain how you’ve come to these conclusions with statistical proof.

Be specific.

Don’t speak in generalities. Instead, explain exactly why your proposal is the winning one. If your small business is applying for a start-up grant, list how you plan to use the funds, down to the dime. Allot your grant winnings in the proposal, and explain how these funds will help get your business off of the ground and, more importantly, benefit the community.

Proposals are challenging to write, so if you’re struggling, we can help! Contact us today!