August 24 2010

Online writing resources

by Barbie in Writing

This semester, take advantage of the resources on the web to improve your writing. You can find answers to everything from basic grammar questions to questions about your style guide online. Here are some of our favorite resources:

Purdue Online Writing Lab

The Purdue OWL is our go-to resource for all things style. You can find in-depth answers to your APA and MLA questions as well as plenty of general writing tips. Electronic style guides are much easier to navigate than lengthy paperback manuals, and Purdue’s site provides answers to frequent style questions.

APA Style

Although the APA Style site is not a comprehensive style resource, it does provide some useful tutorials to APA beginners. These tutorials are a must-read for college freshman who will be working with APA for the next four years. The site also offers a helpful blog, which touches on common APA questions.

AP Stylebook

As a journalism major, the AP Stylebook was always on me. Even today, I access this site daily as a writer and editor for Demand Media Studios. Communications students can sign up for an annual membership for just $25. AP updates this site regularly, and users can receive AP Stylebook updates via e-mail, saving them the cost of a new, hard-copy manual every year.