June 29 2010

My paper is edited. Now what?

by Barbie in Editing

You submitted your paper for an editorial review and received an edited copy back from Carpenter Doc. Now what?

We use Word’s reviewing tools, namely, Track Changes and Insert Comments, when we edit your document. This means that you will see tracked changes for minor editorial changes like punctuation, spelling, and grammar. You will also see comments in the right margin. We might ask you to clarify a confusing sentence, break down a wordy sentence into multiple ones, or explain a concept. In addition, we use comments to make any major wording changes because we don’t want to unintentionally alter the meaning of your document.

Editing is a collaborative process between the writer and editor, so you will not receive a clean copy that is ready to submit. So, here’s what we suggest you do once you receive your edited document:

Read through the document, noting our tracked changes.

If you agree with them all, you can accept the changes globally in the document. Otherwise, you can accept or reject the changes on a case-by-case basis.

Address the comments.

Read through our comments, and implement the changes in the document. Then, be sure to delete all addressed comments to create a clean copy of your document.

Ask for feedback.

If you want us to check your revisions or explain any comments, don’t hesitate to e-mail us. If you’re on a tight deadline, you might not have time for us to check your revisions, but it’s always preferred when possible.

Update frontmatter.

If you have a table of contents, list of tables, or list of figures, then be sure to update it once all of your revisions are complete. The page numbers might have changed as you revised, so this is the last step you should complete before submitting any document.