August 2 2013

Marketing mess

Editors aren’t just for publications or academic writing. Time and again, we have discussed how important editors are for businesses. Before spending thousands of dollars on marketing materials, these pieces should go through rigorous editorial review to ensure that the final product is error free.

A friend sent us this sign — and it’s a perfect example of why editors are important for businesses. Check it out, and then we will break down the errors.


  1. “Its” should be “It’s” — that is, the contraction of “it is.”
  2. The quotation marks should be removed around “instructional.” They leave us wondering whether, in fact, the DVD is actually instructional.
  3. This testimonial is a mess. “Everyday” should be two words and should be followed by a comma. “I” should be capitalized. There’s a comma splice after “rod” — these independent clauses should be separated by a semicolon. Finally, we have another “its” error — “it’s” is correct.
  4. Again in this testimonial, “I’m” should be initial capped with an apostrophe.

…and these are just the major errors. It appears that there are not any spaces between 1, 2, and 3. This format was probably selected so the content could fit on one line — but we’d prefer a smaller font with appropriate spacing between the numbers.

Simply put, this display needed some serious editing before going to print.