October 23 2009

Land the job with a strong cover letter

by Barbie in Writing

In the last several months, Carpenter Doc has experienced a dramatic increase in the number of clients requesting help with their cover letters. Perhaps the challenging economic climate has encouraged job seekers to develop applications that will stand out among record numbers of applicants.

Here are a few cover letter suggestions inspired by recent projects:

  • Show your knowledge. Learn about the company to which you are applying. Incorporate what you’ve learned into the cover letter, either by offering praise about the company’s accomplishments or connecting your skills to the company’s needs. The more informed you appear, the better.
  • Identify mutual goals. As you are researching the company, consider the company’s goals and how they align with your professional goals. If your potential employer aims to develop effective marketing strategies for its clients and you have experience in just that, then use that information in your cover letter.
  • Build on your resume. Your resume is an excellent way to illustrate your experience, but resumes don’t always show how this experience will benefit the potential employer. Use your cover letter to connect those dots. Identify at least one way that your education or experience will directly benefit the organization if you are hired.