May 7 2012

In a hurry? Consider our rush edit option.

by Barbie in Company News

Thanks to our dedicated client base, Carpenter Doc has been enjoying much success in 2012. Our schedule has been booked for weeks at a time for several months now. As the business grows, we are always evaluating the best way to manage the workload and ensure that our clients’ projects are completed before deadlines. For clients who are under a tight deadline, we offer a rush edit option, and we’re establishing some new policies regarding rush fees.

Projects that fall under one of the following categories will be charged a rush edit fee:

  • Projects with an expected turnaround time of 24 hours or less.
    Example: A client delivers a 25-page journal article on Wednesday afternoon that is due on Thursday at noon.
  • Projects that are delivered and require completion on Saturdays and Sundays.
    Example: A client submits a project on Friday evening and needs to submit it Monday morning.

Due to our increased workload, we cannot guarantee that every project that has a deadline of 24 hours or less or requires weekend work can be completed. However, the rush edit fee allows us to prioritize our workload, putting your project ahead of others in the queue. While you are paying a premium for this service, it is money well spent, as your project will be completed in a timely manner. At Carpenter Doc, we are committed to helping you meet your deadline. Rush edit fees help us achieve that goal.

Fees vary depending on the project. Contact Barbie for more information!