March 24 2011

Fun with homophones

by Barbie in Grammar, Uncategorized

Homophones are words that sound alike but have different meanings and spellings. I have been noticing repeated homophone confusion lately, so let’s take a minute to clear up some often-confused words.

Stationary vs. Stationery

Stationary means fixed or unchanging. Stationery refers to materials used to write letters or notes.

Principal vs. Principle

As a noun, a principal is a person with authority (most often at a school). As an adjective, principal means the most important, consequential, or influential.

Principle works as a noun and refers to a comprehensive or fundamental law.

Flair vs. Flare

Flair describes a skill or instinctive ability or an attractive quality. Flare refers to a fire or blaze of light.