October 25 2009

Hollywood needs a grammar lesson

by Barbie in Grammar

While perusing some of our favorite grammar (and entertainment) blogs, we came across this post from Entertainment Weekly. Although EW isn’t our go-to source for all things grammar, the blogger brings up a good point. Where is the hyphen in “Law Abiding” in the new film title, Law Abiding Citizen? Hyphenating compound modifiers is a basic grammar rule, isn’t it? Did no one involved in the film — from the craft services guy to the studio head — know of this basic rule?

Apparently not.

This blatant grammatical error got us thinking. What other movie titles have committed such offensive grammar errors? Here are a couple of our favorites:

Two Weeks Notice (2002) — Where is the apostrophe?

The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005) — When this film was first released, movie posters and promotional materials for the film excluded hyphens in “40-Year-Old.” Thankfully, copy editors across the country united to push for the addition of hyphens, so most DVD covers now include them.

Can you think of any other Hollywood grammar errors?