December 12 2012

Holiday happenings

by Barbie in Company News

Happy holidays! Since many of our clients are working through the holiday season to wrap up major projects — or start new ones — we’re working as well! Barbie will be available via email every day in December, so contact her anytime. We are taking a couple of days off to travel and celebrate the holiday with family, so while we’ll be responding to emails, we won’t be actively working on projects on those days.

Here’s our holiday schedule:

  • December 16: Travel day (off)
  • December 17-23: Working
  • December 24-25: Holiday (off)
  • December 26-30: Working
  • December 31: Holiday (off)
  • January 1: Resume normal schedule

We have plenty of projects lined up for the rest of the month, and we welcome more! Contact Barbie anytime to request a quote, check the schedule, or submit a project.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for our annual year-end wrap-up here on the blog!