August 13 2013

Happy 5th birthday to us!

by Barbie in Company News

In August 2008, Carpenter Document Consulting launched as a part-time, one-person venture in Orlando, Florida. Half a decade later, Carpenter Doc is a full-time operation in Lexington, Kentucky, and our client base has grown more than we could have ever imagined. We have long-standing relationships with students and professors in departments at several colleges and universities across the country. We work with local businesses, job seekers looking to improve their cover letters and resumes, and professors hoping to get their research published in peer-reviewed journals. Our editing projects number in the thousands, including hundreds of dissertations, dissertation proposals, and journal manuscripts, among many others.

While editing remains Carpenter Doc’s primary focus, Barbie has also discovered many writing opportunities over the last five years as well. Her work has been published on dozens of nationally recognized websites, including The Huffington Post, MapQuest, The Bump, USA Today’s travel website, The Houston Chronicle, and many more. She continues to write dozens of articles a week — some with a byline and some without — for several long-term clients. In total, Barbie currently has thousands of articles published on the web.

We hope the next five years promise Carpenter Doc equal success. This year, we have expanded our team to include additional editors who help us during peak times, and we anticipate adding to that team in the coming months. Later this year, we will launch a new and improved website, which will include easy access to several tutorials and guides we have developed over the years — as well as a few new ones that we’re working on right now.

Thanks to our reliable and supportive client base for five successful years. Here’s to five more!