February 15 2011

Great APA resource

by Barbie in Style, Writing

The Purdue OWL is one of my favorite style and grammar sites. It provides a comprehensive collection of style tips for students, whether you’re using MLA, APA, or Chicago, as well as plenty of resources for job-search writing.

Today, as I was editing a client’s midterm for a graduate course, I logged on to the Purdue OWL site to double check some APA items. Though my APA manual is my trusty resource, I like to double check things here because the website is easily searchable, allowing me to find answers instantly. I came across this detailed Sample APA Paper, which breaks down basic APA formatting in an easy-to-understand way. Reading through this paper is a must for anyone who is new to APA — or anyone who needs a quick refresher on basic APA guidelines.