November 17 2009

Grammar lessons at the gym

by Barbie in Grammar

As I was running on the elliptical machine at my gym this morning, I noticed a sign listing the “Cardio Area Rules.” The rules were fairly standard, but I was surprised by the number of obvious grammatical errors in what was probably no more than 50 words of text. I spotted missing commas, unnecessary apostrophes, inconsistent capitalization, and a comma splice.

As an editor, it’s my job to catch these things. Would the average member notice these errors on the sign? Probably not. However, the gym paid for these signs to be produced, so wouldn’t they want them to be grammatically correct? Do organizations lose credibility and professionalism when they produce marketing materials that are rife with grammatical errors? In my opinion, they do.

If you keep your eyes open, you will find grammatical errors everywhere. Some can be comical, and some can be downright annoying. Clearly, an editor’s work is never done.