August 25 2010

Preparing for your thesis or dissertation

by Barbie in Writing

Most graduate programs focus on writing, whether you’re composing your master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation. Your graduate coursework prepares you to write these comprehensive research papers, so take time this semester to think critically and write effectively.

Here are three ways for your graduate coursework to prepare for your cumulative graduate writing project:

Build a reference list.

The books you read or use for research for your first semester of graduate school will likely help you as you write your thesis or dissertation. Keep track of the reference’s author, title and major points in a comprehensive document. This reference list will aid you as you study for comprehensive exams and write your thesis or dissertation.

Read outside of class.

While your professors will assign you readings that will supplement your course study, graduate coursework requires reading outside of the syllabus. The more you read and research every semester, the less research you will have to conduct as you write your thesis or dissertation.

Find a reliable editor.

While this might seem like a business plug, it isn’t. Working with an editor from the start helps to improve your writing abilities long before you begin your thesis or dissertation. The editor becomes familiar with your field of study, making for a more thorough edit of your final work. Building a relationship with an editor is key to composing a thesis or dissertation that will impress your committee.