August 26 2010

Prepare for grad school this semester

by Barbie in Grad School

You’ve finally made it to your senior year of college–and you’re ready for more. If you’re planning to apply to graduate school, now is the time to start getting your application materials ready. Don’t put it off until the last minute. Instead, start collecting resources now, at the beginning of the semester.

Here are some considerations to make:

Build a relationship with your professors.

You’ll need recommendations to get into any graduate program, and most schools expect at least one recommendation from a professor. Get to know your professors this semester, or maintain relationships with your favorite professors from previous semesters. You want them to know you well enough to write a strong recommendation.

Get practical experience.

If you don’t have hands-on experience in your field, now is the time to get it. If you’re a broadcasting major, volunteer to work at the campus television station. Practical experience shows graduate schools that you have a desire to learn and the real-world skills to be successful in your field.

Start brainstorming.

The essay or personal statement is a common component of any graduate school application. Brainstorm about potential topics for these essays, and keep track of your ideas in a notebook. Work on a few drafts of personal statements in your free time so that  you have plenty of time to revise and work with an editor. This component of your application can be the difference between an acceptance and a rejection.