April 26 2012

Google’s ever-changing algorithim

by Barbie in Web Writing

In its attempt to bring high-quality websites to your search results, Google continues to change its algorithm. This week, Google highlighted the ways it will reward high-quality sites. SEO is the hot phrase when it comes to developing content on the web, and some websites and articles optimize articles for searchability without providing any real content. Google’s algorithim change attempts to weed out these keyword-rich, content-free articles, which it calls “black hat webspam.”

So, what does this mean for website developers and web content writers? Content that is relevant and useful shouldn’t be affected by this change. Web pages that are solely focused on populating content with SEO keywords to boost the site’s rankings are going to take a hit. As someone who writes plenty of content for the web, I’m not concerned. My clients are focused on developing rich, relevant content for their websites. Sure, they might use keywords here and there to boost the site’s searchability, but the articles aren’t spam. Keep doing what you’re doing web writers; if you’re writing for legit sites and developing helpful content, Google will find you.