October 23 2008

Fun with grammar

by Barbie in Random

Grammar isn’t very glamorous, but it certainly is important. Often, writers are so focused on a document’s content that they overlook basic spelling and punctuation rules. Poor grammar can overshadow strong content. If readers are left trying to decipher the meaning of a poorly constructed sentence, they won’t get the big picture. Strong grammar, on the other hand, moves readers through a document, allowing them to better understand the document as a whole.

Lynne Truss’ Eats, Shoots & Leaves is a great book to read for a quick grammar refresher. This isn’t your standard grammar textbook, however. Whether you are a grammarian or a grammar-phobe, you’ll enjoy Truss’ humorous take on punctuation. While this book isn’t a grammar reference guide, it does offer some basic punctuation rules with easy-to-remember examples. It’s a quick read that will remind you of some of those long-forgotten grammar rules.

Check it out at http://eatsshootsandleaves.com