August 24 2012

Fall semester: What we can do for you

by Barbie in Academia, Company News

Another semester is upon us, and whether you’re signed up for English 101 or defending your dissertation, you’re probably doing some writing. Carpenter Document Consulting is here to help! We often field emails asking, Is this something you do? Can you help me with this? Almost always, the answer is yes.

Here are just a few of the ways we can help you this semester:

  • Paper proofreading: When you’re writing for class, you are writing under a tight deadline. You might not have time for a comprehensive edit, but we can quickly proofread your paper to make sure it’s free of typos and grammatical errors before you turn it in. Don’t go down a letter grade (or more!) just because of some minor mistakes.
  • Presentation edit: We do more than papers! If you’re designing a presentation using PowerPoint or Prezi, let us edit it. In addition to looking for typical grammar/style issues, we can also address formatting and flow.
  • Graduate school applications: Applying to grad school this fall? Make sure that personal statement impresses the admissions committee. We’ll edit it!
  • Resumes/CVs and cover letters: If you’re graduating or looking to line up an internship, you’ll need a polished resume/CV and cover letter! We can help you design, write, and revise them.
  • Theses/dissertations: While we are always busy working on these projects, we’re always open to new clients as well. The thesis/dissertation is the biggest project of your academic career. Use our editing services to make sure your document is ready to defend … and publish!

Please note that Carpenter Doc is not a paper writing service. We offer editing services for academic clients, and while we can offer suggestions for content, we do not write papers for you. By collaborating with you and offering helpful tips, we strive to make you a better writer.

Are you in need of one of these services? Contact us today!