May 14 2010

Editors help you stay in style

by Barbie in Editing, Formatting, Style

Earlier this week, we talked about how editors help to make a document consistent. Similarly, we also ensure that your document is formatted properly according to your style guide. In an academic paper, this means checking heading levels, the table of contents, page numbering, and more. For marketing pieces or brochures, we ensure that formatting techniques like headings and bullets and used properly. No matter what type of document you develop, correct formatting and proper style are important.

Here are some formatting/style issues that editors can help with:

Table of Contents.

In Microsoft Word, students should assign formatting styles to their headings so that they can automatically generate a Table of Contents. For those unfamiliar with Word’s Styles and Formatting tools, this can be confusing. We can help develop the Table of Contents in any document.

Works Cited.

When you’re finished writing, the last thing you want to deal with is your works cited page. We can check your references to ensure they comply with your style guide.

Parenthetical citations.

Do you include the author’s last name in the parenthetical citation? Is there a comma between the last name and year of publication? How do you deal with an article by multiple authors? We check your parenthetical references against your style guide—and your Works Cited page to verify accuracy.