January 9 2012

Share your work on Dropbox

by Barbie in Editing, Writing

Carpenter Doc relies on email to communicate with clients, whether we’re offering a quote or sending and receiving documents. In some cases, however, documents are simply too large to send via email. In those instances, we can accommodate our clients with whatever online document-sharing program they use, whether it’s Google Docs, YouSendIt, or SugarSync. However, we’ve found Dropbox to be a great way to collaborate with clients on documents. With Dropbox, we can create a shared folder with a client and place their documents in that folder, making them accessible for both the editor and writer.

If you’re sending us work soon, think about using Dropbox. Waiting for large documents to attach to an email can be a hassle. Dropbox allows you to share your information more efficiently. If you have any questions about using Dropbox, shoot Barbie an email: barbie@carpenterdoc.com.