June 12 2013

Do your references add up?

by Barbie in Academia, APA Style, MLA Style

Your References list is likely not your favorite part of your paper. Building each citation is tedious, and it can even be confusing if you’re not familiar with your style guide. With every academic paper or manuscript edit, we also focus on formatting and proofreading each citation — both parenthetical and in your References list — to ensure it adheres to your style guide of choice.

Here are some methods we use to ensure that your References are accurate:

  • Cross-checking parenthetical citations with References citations. Are the authors’ names spelled consistently throughout? Is the year correct throughout? Are all sources cited within the body of your manuscript also listed in the References?
  • Checking alphabetization of the References list
  • Ensuring that when multiple sources by the same author in the same year are cited, the sources are differentiated appropriately

If these tasks sound tedious to you, leave them to us!