February 9 2013

Dissertation turnaround times

As our February calendar fills up, we wanted to take a minute to explain turnaround times and scheduling.

When you contact us about an edit, your project goes on our calendar, with a rough estimate of when you plan to submit the document and your deadline. Once you’re on the calendar, we make sure there’s time to begin work on your project when you submit it. We realize that dissertations can be delayed depending on your committee’s reviews, but your rough estimate is a tremendous help as we manage our schedule.

For clients who are already on our schedule, we’re prepared to begin their dissertation within 24-48 hours. During busy stretches — this month being one as students prepare for dissertation defenses in March — clients who submit projects without notifying us of the project in advance are placed in a queue on a first-come, first-served basis after those projects already on the schedule. Simply put, we’ll get to those projects, but they take longer to complete.

Dissertation proposals and dissertations average a 3- to 5-day turnaround time once they are started. For clients already on the calendar, that means projects can be turned around within that window. For clients not on the calendar, turnaround times will be longer during busy times of year.

Simply put, a quick email letting us know your project will be ready for an edit soon helps us ensure everyone meets their deadline.

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