March 22 2012

Deadlines and revision times

by Barbie in Company News

When you submit a quote using our handy form, we ask you to include your deadline. We realize that every project is different — some clients are under very tight or specific deadlines, while others are working on long-term projects like books and just moving to the next stage of the writing process. So, while the deadline you provide isn’t set in stone, it does give us a sense of how urgent your project is and, therefore, allows us to prioritize projects.

We recommend including at least one day for revisions before your deadline, so factor that time into the deadline you provide us. We frequently return projects before the deadline, but during our busiest months, which includes this time of year, it is possible that you won’t receive your completed document until the date you specify in your request. So, it is important that you set aside time to revise your document before it is due.

We do accommodate rush edits whenever possible for an additional fee. If you have concerns about your deadline, simply email Barbie to work something out!