January 26 2012

Creating a Table of Contents

by Barbie in Writing

I regularly receive frantic emails from clients who are frustrated because they can’t figure out how to create a Table of Contents in Word. If they did create a TOC, they don’t know how to update the page numbers or content. Or, text and images are appearing in the TOC that shouldn’t be there.

That’s where Carpenter Doc can help! We’re very experienced in creating TOCs with many heading levels, and we can format your TOC to meet your school- or publisher-specific formatting guidelines. Building an effective Table of Contents starts with establishing heading styles in your document as you write. If you aren’t sure how to do that, leave it to us. We can create and apply heading levels throughout your document and then build the TOC from there.

When you get your document back, you’ll notice that the TOC is highlighted gray. That’s because you can automatically update it. Simply right-click within the TOC and choose “Update field” to update the page numbers, content, or both. Forget about manually entering all of your page numbers — those will inevitably change as you revise, anyway. A Carpenter-Doc-created TOC is the easiest way to build the frontmatter for your document.