June 20 2013

Creating a presence on the web as a writer

by Barbie in Web Writing

In addition to editing, web writing is an important part of our work at Carpenter Doc. After building our portfolio for five years now, we’ve been published on a variety of notable websites, including The Huffington Post, Mapquest, The Bump, Livestrong, and many more. Many writing opportunities exist on the web, but finding your niche and building a career as a web writer does not happen overnight. If you’re hoping to jump into web writing, here are some tips to consider:

  • Start a blog. Your blog might not be profitable, and your readership might not instantly skyrocket, but a blog is a good place to improve and showcase your writing. Choose a topic you’re passionate about, and write regularly. Most websites looking for writers want clips, and you can refer potential employers to your blog to evaluate your writing skills and learn about you as a writer.
  • Start small. You can secure high-paying writing jobs on the web — but those probably won’t be the first jobs you land. Be open to working on lower-paying writing projects to build your portfolio, learn about the web writing process, and get your byline out there on the web.
  • Go beyond the content mills. Around the time our foray into web writing began, the content mills were producing articles at a record pace, paying writers decent wages for relatively short (400-500-word) articles. While some of the content mills are still around, those that have survived have upped the requirements for writers. If you’re qualified, give them a shot. However, don’t rely solely on content mills for work because you never know when one might crash. Business websites, educational websites, and more might need writers too — why not find out if they’re hiring?