July 3 2013

Contacting Carpenter Doc

by Barbie in Company News

When you’re ready to submit your project, there are two ways to contact us:

  1. Our easy-to-use Contact form, which you can complete here
  2. Direct email to Barbie: barbie@carpenterdoc.com

First-time clients often use the Contact form, which is great! Long-time clients have already established an email relationship with Carpenter Doc and might just email Barbie directly. That works, too.

Please consider these tips when communicating with Carpenter Doc, as our email load is ever increasing:

  • There’s no need to submit a Contact form and send an email with an inquiry about your project. One method is sufficient.
  • Please do not submit multiple email inquiries in a day with the same questions. If you have additional information, documents, or questions, feel free to send us another email. But, multiple emails with the same inquiry only clog the inbox.
  • Please only follow up for a response if you have not heard from us within 24 hours. Short of an Internet outage or emergency, we respond to all emails within 24 hours, though sometimes it might take 30 minutes and other times it might take 6 hours. Rest assured that we have received your email and you will hear from us soon.