September 15 2008

Choosing the right font

by Barbie in Formatting

How do I choose the right font for my document?

Font, or typeface, can be an important design tool in your document. It can establish relationships within the text by creating emphasis.

Consider these tips when selecting fonts.

  • Avoid choosing typefaces that are too similar. This conflicting relationship within the text can be confusing for readers because the typefaces are not the same, but they are not markedly different, either.
  • Instead, create a contrasting relationship by using distinctly different typefaces in your document. Strong contrast attracts readers and strengthens communication by creating a hierarchy of ideas.
  • Contrast typefaces by considering size, weight, structure, form, direction, and color. Each of these features can help to distinguish one typeface from another, making your document more visually appealing and, more importantly, more effective.