October 3 2018

Working with a freelance writer

Freelance writing can be a successful endeavor for both the writer and the client. Outsourcing writing to a skilled professional can benefit the client in many ways, allowing him or her to entrust content development to someone capable of developing engaging, effective, SEO-driven content.

But, what does the relationship between the freelance writer and the client look like? How can it succeed?

Recently, I participated in a Scripted survey to discuss ways to maximize success as a freelance writer. Check out the blog post, which includes my input as well as ideas from other freelancers!

December 18 2017

2017 writing recap

by Barbie in Company News, Web Writing

The Carpenter Doc business model has certainly expanded since its launch in 2008.  Since then, I’ve discovered a variety of writing opportunities on the web. What began as writing informational articles for sites like eHow.com and TheBump.com has evolved into serving as a content writer and retail copywriter for a variety of notable, long-term clients.

Here are just a few of the writing tasks we tackled in 2017:

  • Product description writing: When you’re shopping online, chances are you want details on what you’re buying. Product descriptions give specific insight into the product, explaining its uses, dimensions, and features. I developed tens of thousands of product descriptions for several retail clients, including Hayneedle and REI.
  • Category page content: Your search for a specific product on any retail website takes you to a category page, where a collection of similar items are organized. Often, these pages feature content that explains how to use the products, differentiates between products, and offers shopping tips. This year, I developed category page content for Shutterfly, StubHub, Lumens, Wayfair, and Joss and Main.
  • Blog posts: Blogs are another way retailers can engage with customers over the web. I worked with Uber, ServiceMaster, and Merry Maids to develop interesting and relevant blog posts that targeted their consumer demographics.

These are just a few of the examples of writing work completed in 2017. Several of these projects will continue into 2018, and I have already committed to two new long-term projects with popular retailers and hotel chains.

For more information about content writing and retail copywriting services, contact Barbie today!

January 30 2016

Recent travel writing

by Barbie in Web Writing, Writing

In 2015, we established ongoing writing relationships with several new clients, including ZOZI. Many of these projects will continue in 2016, and we’re looking forward to helping retailers and small and large businesses alike develop effective content for their websites. Here are a few of our ZOZI articles, with more to come!

Southern California Adventures Up and Down the OC 

Go Wild: 10 Ways to Get Unanchored in Anchorage

Successful Surfing Starts Here: The Best Spots for Newbie Riders

September 13 2015

Writing about writing…

by Barbie in Web Writing

When you’re a writer and editor by trade, your expertise is … well … writing and editing. While much of our web-writing work extends beyond this area of expertise, we occasionally get the opportunity to write about writing and editing (beyond this blog).

Here are a couple of articles we’ve shared on our Facebook page recently.

Four Types of Communication in Business Writing

How to Write a College Scholarship Application and Resume

Reading about writing is fun too, right?!

October 23 2014

Retail websites: Editors needed

Much of Carpenter Doc’s writing workload is for retail websites, writing product descriptions and informational/advertorial blog posts. Our product descriptions are reviewed by in-house editors before they go live on the site.

Unfortunately, not all retailers are as detail focused and, instead, post product descriptions and ads chock full of errors. Here are a few we have spotted recently.

September 1 2014

A win for Twitter editors

by Barbie in In the News, Web Writing

On Saturday night, in the midst of college football kickoff weekend, ESPN posted this question on its Twitter feed:

Yikes. We quickly saved the image, knowing it wouldn’t last long. Within minutes, dozens of Twitter users noted the improper use of “it’s,” along with the unnecessary “following.”

ESPN quickly deleted the photo and added a new one:

Hopefully next week’s trivia question will go through a copy editor before being tweeted to millions of fans.

June 2 2014

Surfing for errors

by Barbie in Editing, Web Writing

Whether we’re surfing the web for business — that is, researching for articles — or pleasure, we come across plenty of typos and errors. Check out what we’ve caught on the web recently.

Sentence 2: Scratch that apostrophe in "scientists."

More apostrophe trouble: The wrong form of "its" is used here.

Sentence 2: The wrong form of "complement" is used here.

What’s the bottom line? Whether you’re writing advertorial copy for a retail site, sharing business information with potential customers, or composing articles for web-based magazines, your web content needs to be edited thoroughly and accurately.

November 7 2013

November: Looking ahead

After our crazy October, which included 15 dissertation edits, we’ve entered November with even more academic projects to work on. Currently, we have dissertations on our schedule up until Thanksgiving week, when we might get a brief respite before the onslaught of end-of-the-semester projects land in our inbox. We encourage any clients who will need our assistance between now and Christmas to contact Barbie now so that we can get you on the schedule.

Even when our editing workload is heavy, we continue to maintain a number of ongoing writing projects with some long-term clients. Recently, Barbie has started writing for the Style section of Demand Media Studios’ family of websites, along with the Parenting section, which she’s been writing for for much of 2013. Check out a few recently published articles:

June 20 2013

Creating a presence on the web as a writer

by Barbie in Web Writing

In addition to editing, web writing is an important part of our work at Carpenter Doc. After building our portfolio for five years now, we’ve been published on a variety of notable websites, including The Huffington Post, Mapquest, The Bump, Livestrong, and many more. Many writing opportunities exist on the web, but finding your niche and building a career as a web writer does not happen overnight. If you’re hoping to jump into web writing, here are some tips to consider:

  • Start a blog. Your blog might not be profitable, and your readership might not instantly skyrocket, but a blog is a good place to improve and showcase your writing. Choose a topic you’re passionate about, and write regularly. Most websites looking for writers want clips, and you can refer potential employers to your blog to evaluate your writing skills and learn about you as a writer.
  • Start small. You can secure high-paying writing jobs on the web — but those probably won’t be the first jobs you land. Be open to working on lower-paying writing projects to build your portfolio, learn about the web writing process, and get your byline out there on the web.
  • Go beyond the content mills. Around the time our foray into web writing began, the content mills were producing articles at a record pace, paying writers decent wages for relatively short (400-500-word) articles. While some of the content mills are still around, those that have survived have upped the requirements for writers. If you’re qualified, give them a shot. However, don’t rely solely on content mills for work because you never know when one might crash. Business websites, educational websites, and more might need writers too — why not find out if they’re hiring?
March 7 2013

New SmartLiving article

by Barbie in Web Writing

We’re published again on SmartLiving! Check it out:

3 Paper Crafts to Update Your Home